Wildflower Honey Pure and Organic

The bees make Wildflower Honey from poly flower pollination. This honey variety offers a much bolder taste and comes in a darker color than other honey varieties. As it is produced using the nectar of wildflowers, it is loaded with potent antioxidants and flavors.

What Are the Benefits?

Improved Digestion
A Natural Cough Suppressant
Invigorates the Skin
Immunity & Resistance
Higher Concentration of Antioxidant Levels
Good for Allergy Relief

Does Wildflower Honey Go Bad?

The honey will start crystallizing from the base up in a couple of months. However, it is not a matter of worry; the crystallization of honey is quite normal as the glucose part of honey starts turning into a solid sugar form. This is what’s called a physical change. If the honey gets crystallized, you can put the jar in a container of warm water, and the sugar grains will gradually re-liquefy. One way or another, honey is best to use.