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Types of Computers : Know about Different types of Computer
Computers come in all shapes and sizes these days, from massive supercomputers to tiny smartwatches. But at their core, all computer systems can be grouped into a few major types that each serve specific needs. Understanding the key distinctions can help you select the right computer for any application.

The Major Categories of Computers Types
Broadly speaking, computers fall into three major categories

1.Mainframe Computers
Mainframe computers are the big beasts of the computer world that are designed to handle extremely large volumes of data transactions and processing.

A single mainframe can replace dozens or even hundreds of smaller servers and connect thousands of individual users. As a result mainframes are mostly used by large companies and organizations for things like:

Census and government data processing – Analyzing massive data sets from census figures or tax processing
Transaction processing – Handling high volumes of financial transactions for banks and credit card companies
Airline reservations systems – Managing airline booking databases and logistics
Enterprise resource planning – Coordinating planning, manufacturing, sales across large multinational corporations