Trademark Registration In India

Every Person wants to Grow their Business to earn high Profits, Therefore He Chooses A Particular Name of Product so that he can sell their products easily with a Specific name. Slowly & Gradually that specific name fixes its identity in the Market like COCA-COLA, PEPSI, PEPSODENT, RIN, TIDE, Vakilkaro, etc., and goes into heights.
Trademark is a Logo, Design, Slogan, Word of any Trade or Business from which such Trade or Business earns Revenue or Profits.Now, the Main Problem is a businessman who did such hard work to popularize his business or Product name, gets some tension that if his name got copied by someone else then what will he do. His Business Revenue will go down and a tree(business) which was Roped by him earlier, will be cut down.Therefore, the Legal Remedy is to Protect such Valuable business or Product name to get Register your brand under Trademark Registration Act,1999.