The most heart-breaking thing for any parent is to see their child suffer. Such was the case with eight-year-old Rudra Pandes family. Mr. Shriram pande and Mrs. Rupali pande were very happy to bring their baby boy Rudra into the world. But their world turned upside down, after knowing that their baby was suffering from Myloid Sarcoma
Rudra started vomiting blood. His parents rushed him to a local hospital(citicare hospital ) immediately. After the diagnosis, the doctor suggested they admit Rudra to Bharti hospital Cancer Hospital, Maharashtra. He has been admitted to the hospital since then. His grandparents have never heard about this illness, and it pains them to see their only grandchild fighting for life, hooked to tubes and machines. Jayshree is heartbroken seeing her baby boy so fragile, going through hard-hitting chemotherapy sessions.