Suction Diffuser Valve in Oman- Middleeast valve

Middleeast valve is one of the best Suction diffuser valve in Oman. We supply to cities like Muscat, Salalah, Bahla, and Barka. A suction diffuser is a type of flow-straightening device that is installed on the suction side of a centrifugal pump in a piping system. Its purpose is to provide a smooth, streamlined flow of fluid into the pump while removing any debris or other contaminants that may be present in the fluid.

A suction diffuser typically consists of a cylindrical body that is installed in the suction line of the pump. The body of the diffuser contains a series of vanes and a strainer screen that help to remove debris and other contaminants from the fluid before it enters the pump. The vanes also help to straighten the flow of fluid, reducing turbulence and improving the pump's efficiency.

Advantages of suction diffuser:
1)Improved pump efficiency
2)Reduced maintenance
3)Longer equipment life
4)Easy installation
5)Improved system performance

Body Material:-  Cast iron, Ductile iron, WCB.
Size:- 2” to 48”
Class:- 150 to 300
Nominal Pressure:- PN6 to PN25
Operation:- Handwheel
End Connection:- Flanged