Master Dnyaneshwar Khandare is the 12-year-old boy of Mr. Suresh Khandare and Mrs. Khandare. His father is a daily wage worker, and the only earning member of the family. dnyaneshwara mother housewife helps with daily work may, she also faced difficult times and was happily spending his life The family lives in Khed, Pune, Maharashtra. The Khandare family got worried sick when they saw their Dnyaneshwar body develop bluish discoloration when he was only 8 days old. The doctors diagnosed baby Dnyaneshwar with a heart defect. Since then he has been put on medications. Dnyaneshwara heart rate increases rapidly if he misses his medicine dosages. When he turned 5, this dosage was increased. However, these medicines are unable to stabilize his condition. He was taken to the Fabiani and Budhrani Heart Institute, Pune, and the doctors there advised him to undergo a COMPLETION FONTANA Surgery. The estimated cost of the treatment is Rs. 5,00,000/- (Rupees Five Lakhs Only.)