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OTR TYRES play a significant role, particularly in the mining industry, in improving vehicle stability and boosting output. OTR tyres from Mahaveer Distributors give the highest protection against challenging working conditions. These tyres give additional tread protection, resulting in exceptional strength, durability, and protection against rock cuts. They also deliver fantastic wear at high speeds in challenging environments.

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For RDT, UGM, Material Handling (Industrial & Port), Loaders, Graders, Cranes, etc., Mahaveer Distributors has a large selection of OTR tyres in both bias and radial. Without any doubt , Mahaveer Distributors is one of the leading OTR TYRES SUPPLIER IN INDIA. Thanks to Mahaveer distributors, today's customers may obtain better value performance at a reduced price from this distinctive variety, which has successfully challenged radial loader tyres in the underground mining sector. The rigid dump truck has carved out a niche for itself. Good Demand for these tyres has been sparked by high performance in materials like copper, limestone, etc.

Essential elements for tires
To keep up with expectations, OTR TYRE SUPPLIERS are also incorporating technical advances into their tyres, such as tyre pressure monitoring systems, cut and chip resistance, etc. High abrasion resistance, as well as fuel and energy economy qualities, are features of modern OTR tyres. Mahaveer distributors brought The development of heavy equipment in the mining and construction industries has increased the need for more resilient tyres that can function on a variety of surfaces. OTR TYRES also need to be affordable, of high quality, and readily available