Nvidia Unveils Rubin AI Chips Set for 2026 Release

Nvidia has announced its next-generation AI chip platform, called Rubin, which is to be launched in 2026. This huge rollout includes new graphics chips, central processors, and advanced networking chips.

Jensen Huang, chief executive officer at Nvidia, announced the Rubin series during his speech at National Taiwan University, Taipei. It was at Computex, the major trade show, during which Nvidia targeted the continuing leadership in AI chips.

The new CPU, dubbed Versa, and graphics chips are targeted to implement high-bandwidth memory. This memory is built by major companies, such as SK Hynix, Micron, and Samsung, for top performance and reliability.

The Rubin marks a shift in Nvidia’s release of cycles. Earlier, the company released new AI chips every two years. Now, it is planning to release a new family of chips in AI every year. This provides them with a faster pace compared to the rapid pace of change in the new AI technologies.

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