Keloid Specialist in Aurangabad

"Dr. Niteen Dhepe, a Keloid Specialist in Pune, provides a wide range of keloid scar removal treatment options. He has created several therapeutic approaches that not only produce good results but also do not cause any damage or put patients at risk of worsening their keloids. If you have keloids, if they have intensified despite meds or surgery, or if your doctor is unable to find an acceptable therapy for you, you must know that there is assistance, and there is someone who has treated many other keloid patients like you.
The largest aesthetic dermatology facility in India and the only one that employs an institutional strategy is Skin City. Dr. Niteen Dhepe is the best keloid specialist in Pune who has created novel methods for applying laser energy to skin types like Indian skin. He is a well-known consultant who conducts successful operations at several hospitals in Pune. More Information:"