Fully automatic mobile brick making machines

BMM-310 is a fully automatic brick making machine. It is world first fully automatic brick making machine by Snpc machines. This machines produces brick while moving like vehicle on wheel. It can produce 12000 brick per hour which is very fast as compared to manual production. BMM-310 is a cost reduction and eco-friendly brick making machine. It reduces not only cost but labour requirements, it requries only one-third of water and 45% of investements. Raw material required for its working can be mud, clay or mixture of clay and flyash. It requries only 16-18 ltrs of fuel for its working. BMM-400, BMM-160, SBM-180 are other brick making machines manufactured by Snpc machine, India. Customer can order from any state, country or can visit us for their own satisfaction. Thankyou for visiting us.
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