Deception Technology Solution UAE | ChannelNext Dubai

Deception technology is a security strategy that utilises decoys and traps to divert cyber criminals away from an organisation's actual assets. By creating a network of fake servers, applications, and data, deception technology can trick hackers into thinking they have successfully infiltrated the enterprise when in fact they have been lured to a decoy system. Advantages of deception technology include:
Early detection: Deception technology allows for the early detection of potential cyber attacks as hackers are drawn to the decoys, giving security teams more time to respond and prevent an actual breach.
Reduced risk: By diverting hackers away from actual assets, deception technology can greatly reduce the risk of data loss or theft.
Improved response: With better detection and identification of cyber threats, security teams can respond more quickly and effectively to potential attacks.
Valuable insights: The use of deception technology can provide valuable insights into the methods and techniques used by cyber criminals, allowing for better mitigation strategies in the future.